My Car List

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I have had many years experience building and maintaining Hot Rods, Street Machines, and Classics, and I was one of the founding members of

“Bay Rodders – Tauranga” which was Tauranga’s first Hot Rod Club formed by well known, fellow Hot Rodder, Terry (Furnie) Furness in 1966.
 It was a club he formed to basically cater for the local early Hot Rod enthusiasts and the club later grew to also incorparate Drag Racing members as well.
In September 1977 when I saw a need for a club for the growing number of Street Machines, Classic cars and Custom Cars, I founded “Street Machines and Customs – Tauranga” a club catering for the vehicles of post 1949 American origin, and Street Machines, Classics and Customs .(See Club Logo to the right of the screen)
A member of the New Zealand Hot Rod Association (NZHRA) for many years, and a past member of the National Street Rod Association of New Zealand (NSRA) , I also worked for K.E.Carter Motors Ltd,the local GM dealer , who later became Westbay Motors Ltd when they took over the businesses of C.F. Washer Motors in both Tauranga and Te Puke. They continued on to become the biggest GM dealership in the area at that time and I have many a good memory of working there even though my workmates gave me heaps for driving Fords.



Cars I’ve Ownedmycars

Hot Rods & Street Machines

57 Custom 500, ’33 Ford fordor sedan, ’30 Model A roadster, ’33 Ford Coupe (flathead powered),
’47 Ford fordor sedan (Blue Heaven), ’49 Mercury fordor sedan, ’66 Mercury Comet Capri Coupe, ’61 Ford Fairlane, 1960 Ford Fairlane 500, 1958 Ford Goldflash, 2x ’59 Ford Custom sedans, ’49 Ford single spinner, ’48 Mercury sedan, ‘ 35 Ford sedan, ’36 Ford sedan, ’37 ford coupe, ’47 Ford Jailbar truck, ’48 Ford Panel Van, ’39 Mercury sedan, ’72 Ford Torino 460 Coupe, ‘1972 Ford Torino s/wagon, ’63 T Bird, ’55 & 56 Customlines, ’61 Galaxie Sunliner convertible (429 powered), ’52 Ford Popular (2000 Ford V4 powered)

’61 Chev BelAir with 454, ’39 Chev Coupe, ’34 Chev Junior sedan, ’60 Chev Delray, ’58 Chev BelAir

’38 Hudson coupe (with Ford SV V8 motor & box fitted),
’57 Plymouth Savoy,
’64 Rambler Classic S/wagon with 289 Ford Motor
’67 Rambler Rebel ‘1937 Graham
‘1947 Austin big7 with Flathead Ford V8 60 motor & box fitted in.
1986 Pontiac Grand Am

Classic Cars or Prestige I’ve Owned

Various 220s & 220SE’s, 250s & 250SE’s, 280S & SE’s
1968 250 Coupe, 1972 300 SEL 3.5 V8, 1975 450 SEL 4.5V8, 1982 230TE S/wagon, 230 & 250 Compacts.

47 Mk 5, 52 & 53 & 54 & 56 Mk7’s, 56 Mk1, 63 Mk2, 72 XJ6,

1978 Audi 80. 1985 Audi 100.

Other Cars I’ve Owned

Fiat X19, Ford Puma, Eclipse, Datsun 280ZX, Homebuilt Holden powered Campervan (rear engined)
J2 Bedford double cab truck with 18 ft Artic caravan unit on rear
VW beach/bush -buggy, Simca 1000, LandRover truck with 186Holden motor,
Renaults 750, 600, 1300 R8, 12-T Coupe & S/wagon,
Fiat Bambinas x3, Fiat 850, Fiat 1500 Crusader, & 125.
Peugeot 504, Rover 2000, Rover 3.5V8,
1953 EIP Vauxhall, HA Vauxhall Viva powered by 2 litre V4 ford motor,
HC Vauxhall Viva, 1959 Vauxhall Victor, 1947 Vauxhall 10,1972 Vauxhall Victor,
1972 3 litre Austin, Austin 1800 x2, Austin A35, Austin Maxi,
Ford Mk2 Zephyr , Mk3 Zephyr x2, Mk 4 Zephyr x2, (1 xV6, 1x 250 Falcon powered,)
Various Ford MK1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 Cortina’s, plus Mk2 S/wagon
Mk2 Escort x2, 100e Prefect x 2, fitted with Escort 1300 & 1600 motors,
100e Van x2, various ’62 –63 Consul 315’s.
1967 Ford Falcon S/wagon fitted with worked 250 2V motor,
1984 Ford Fairmont, 1964 Ford Falcon,
1970 Chrysler Valiant, 1974 Valiant s/Wagon, CA Bedford van, CF Bedford vans x2(one Cresta powered), CF Bedford truck, Bedford Truck (ex Worling Bros circus), Ford Transit Truck.
1982 Ford Econovan, 1978 Toyota 8 seater Van, 1981 Toyota Hi Ace Van, 1985 Toyota Lite Ace Van & 1987 Toyota LWB HiAce van,
Morris Nomad 1500, various Morris Minors, including 1952 convertible,
MG 1100, Austin 1100 & Morris 1300. 1958 Austin Metrpolitian , Austin furniture truck,
Morris Marina Coupe & 6cylinder sedan., various Austin & Morris Mini Minors,
1947 Morris seriesE Van, 1937 & 47 Hillmans, 1957 Humber 80
1982 Nissan Bluebird S/Wagon, 1984 & 85 Nissan Bluebird Cars, 1983 Nissan Pulsar,
Skoda 110L, 1983 Honda Accord, 1978 Honda Civic x2, 1985 Honda City turbo,
Holden HQ x2, 1960 Holden, 1966 Holden Premier X2, 1980 Commodore S/Wagon,
1975 Holden Sunbird, 1975 Triumph 2.5, various Triumph Heralds,


Various Model A Fords. ’28 Ansaldo Tipo, 1932, 34, 38, & 39, Ford Model Y’s.
1924 Star (export model of the Rugby).. 1936 Citreon Roadster.

16ft Hartley with Mk3 Zephyr inboard motor
22ft Pelin Empress with SV Ford V8 inboard motor
12ft Black Witch design Speedboat with worked Humber 90 inboard motor.
Dual cockpit speedboat with Willys inboard motor.

This may seem a lot of vehicles, but taken over the number of years I have been interested in and driving vehicles for, it isn’t too bad really. There are probably more that I have forgotten about (and some I don’t want to own up to owning,) but in recent years, and the fact that I can no longer work on my own vehicles due to health issues and have to now rely on help from other sources, it is not likely the list will grow much more.
As you can see the list of vehicles is quite varied but my main interest  is for American vehicles, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Street Machines, Classic & Custom vehicles, although I tend to drive Mercedes or Ford vehicles for my daily transportation.